What is it we do?

A lot of people are unsure about how PR can help them. And it’s really pretty simple but difficult to explain.

We connect you and your business with the people that matter. Be it TV, Radio or Newspapers - or looking at it from a wider scale - the people you want to be talking about you and getting the story out there.

We believe a good PR Consultant will work with you to amplify your story, focus in on what matters and also be honest with what will, and will not, get coverage. It really isn’t just about popping it in a press release and spraying it out to every journalist we can think of.

We speak the language of the journalist and have very open and honest conversations with them - and we can do this because we know most of them or have worked with them. And that’s important right? That we know what could be coming, and be able to head it off at the pass if needed.

Great PR is also about spotting the opportunities as they happen. Not just about being proactive but also reactive - and if a good story is breaking that can be linked to a client - you’ll be sure that we will be on it, and in touch with the journalists before you’ve even had a chance to text us…


And there’s more…

There is so much more to what we can do within the world of PR.

From advising about marketing, helping with a rebrand, handling your social media and everything in-between.. the list is endless.

We can also link you up with the right networking groups, help put together an event by inviting the people in the know and finding the right venue - it’s all about getting people talking about you and your business.

We are fully crisis trained - so if you find yourself in a bit of a bind or think something is about to happen which will make you be seen in a less than friendly light, we are at the end of the line to help. Sometimes it actually doesn’t mean you do anything (just yet) but we can also pull together a full crisis plan so just in case the worst does happen, we are prepared.

We work with some of the best in the industry - from designers to creatives, web writers, SEO experts, photographers and videographers, So while we don’t pretend to know how to do everything - we are pretty sure we know he right people who do.