The Work

Who you work with, and who works with you - speaks volumes


Wheelchair Rugby Quad Nations

Working alongside the amazing FU Media team, we helped deliver the biggest and best Quad Nations Tournament so far.

We generated coverage in the millions (views of 742,639,986 to be exact), and managed to drum up interest from around the UK in the three-day event which saw GB, Japan, Canada and France battle it out for the coveted title.

And best of all? We got to work with some true heroes who, hands down, are some of the bravest and most amazing people - and world class athletes - we know.

National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham

Well ‘Heellllllo’ to the gorgeous Jake Quickenden who visited the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham to help the hapless Prince Penguin find love.

Armed with roses, kippers, wellies and pebbles, the show broadcast live to thousands of homes across the country.

For just a few minutes on screen, planning took well over four months and it wasn’t until the last few minutes did we know it was getting the coveted spot with the lovely Lorraine on the show…. so fingers crossed Prince now performs for his new lady for all that effort!

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Ambition Personal Training

My continued love affair with the gym, this brand and the wonderful people I work with and work out with, isn’t ever going to disappear.

I’ve supported Ambition Personal Training from the very beginning with their social media, getting them in publications, helping with mail outs, websites, copy and everything in-between - and see them as both friends and daily inspiration to get up and get moving too.

Guidance and honesty is always key in every business you work with, especially when you are starting out. And if that means you have to chuck in a few burpees and TRX handstands while you’re at it, so be it!

SF Recruitment

Want to know how a recruiter in the West Midlands is looking to tackle the huge plastic problem the planet is facing? The story was clear - they wanted to switch up the usual corporate gifts and gadgets they sent out and swap them for… bamboo!

We worked alongside the Marketing Director on the message, how they would tackle it internally, and how they wanted to speak to their thousands of clients too. It wasn’t ‘just’ another PR spin story too - these people have a heart and although being stuck in the landlocked Midlands, we worked on how and when they would announce the bamboo revolution - while partnering up with the right people and right publications for the job.

The reach of the story was less commercial and more to other businesses - targeting press including the Chamber of Commerce and B2B publications.

And while we were at it, signed the pledge to personally reduce our own single use plastic consumption and each do our own bit for the planet…

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The Weather Channel

Pretty proud to admit that I’m now a working weather girl - and fortunately for everyone it’s online rather than in front of a green screen making swooping movements with my hand and guestimating where Norwich is.

Working alongside The Weather Channel, I’ve been busy predicting the nations weather and making sure people know about it as they wake up, from Storm Gareth to the unseasonably early warm weather and then cold snaps that we can all do without.

The Weather Channel’s reach is in the millions - because, hey, who doesn’t like to know what the weather is going to be doing in the next few days and if they need to take their brolly!

Birmingham Publicity Association

A proud member of the BPA and all it encompasses we all volunteer our services for free, because, well, you have to do something to help the city you work within…

The BPA has existed since the 1930s, supporting the media and creative industries in the region, while raising money for key charities that its members wish to support. Its members include global organisations to sole traders, graduate trainees right up to CEOs and MDs, media owners and agencies, advertising and marketing agencies, digital agencies, PR agencies and freelancers.

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